Are Small Penises Doomed, Or They Have A Chance For Enlargement?

Over the years, a lot of products has appeared on the market promising the guys a chance for penis enlargement. There isn’t a guy in the world who wouldn’t want to be bigger in that department, but still, there are few improvements on that field. Studies have shown that average size of an erect penis is 5 to 6 inches’ long and mostly those people want to correct some imperfections, thinking that their penises are too small. But how small is the small penis, it is mostly below the three inches when it is in an erect state.

Psychology or maybe the angle on how you look at your penis will influence your decision whether you’ll seek some of these products or not. There is also a great risk of damaging some nerves and earn yourself an erectile dysfunction, which would be a real nightmare.
One of the safest methods of penis enlargement is a weight loss. Most people who are unsatisfied about how their penis looks like are usually overweight. When you start this process, more hidden fat will be buried beneath the belly. This won’t actually increase the size of your penis, but it will give you optical illusion and you will feel much better.
Considering some type of creams, devices and pills, there are still some doubts and unproven facts regarding these.
The vacuum pump – this works on a principle of sucking the air out. You basically put your penis into this device and it draws the blood out, making your penis stay in erection for a longer time and slightly bigger. Then you have to put a tight ring on the root of the penis so you can prevent the blood from leaking back. As you can see there are some perks, but they are temporarily and if you use it too often you can damage the tissue.

Stretch your penis with weights? Ouch! The first thing that crosses your mind is a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Since you can’t bulk it because it’s not a muscle, you can wear weight for eight hours per day for six months and it will only bring you only a half an inch more. We can agree on this: too much trouble for such a small amount.

We come now to various creams, supplement and pills and these are just a waste of your time. They simply don’t work and they are designed as a commercial scam to prey on unsatisfied people. Many doctors will advise you that these things are complete nonsense.

Surgery is an option, but will it bring you promised results, probably not, but there are cases where people use this type of surgery to lengthen their penis or even make it thicker. This is done with the help of silicone implants and procedure last only 20 min. In some cases, it has proven to be successful, but also come with a great risk, from infection and erectile dysfunction to nerve-damaging.

From everything presented here, you can see that; small penises are truly doomed and anyone who invents the method that actually works will be the next Bill Gates.

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